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ROOF CLEANING IS NOT A “PRESSURE WASHING” JOB!  We do not use pressure washers to clean roofs.  Please do not let anyone clean your roof with a pressure washer.  If someone is going to use a pressure washing method and they keep mentioning “low pressure”, they are chipping away at your common sense because you know in your heart that pressure washing cannot be good for the shingle.  Go with your gut.  Low pressure is what comes out of your garden spigot.  Spigot pressure is the maximum pressure I would suggest but still with caution since some garden hose nozzles can actually create a fair amount of pressure.  If it’s hooked up to a gas powered pressure washer than I say “no way”!  It’s not low pressure.

 Some companies use a machine on a roof that looks like a floor buffer.  This unassuming tool is a pressure washing method of a different kind.  It will remove all of the moss and algae from the roof but you will also lose many roofing granules in the process.  Removing the granules is probably the worst thing for a roof.  So please beware if someone offers a pressure washing method.  And please don’t rely on a roofers suggestion.  They know how to install roofs.  They know nothing about cleaning them.  Just like we know everything about cleaning roofs and the science of moss and algae but we know nothing about installing them (not necessarily nothing yet not enough to consider ourselves roofers).

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And if they try to “woo” you with a free gutter cleaning, please understand that it’s not from the kindness of their heart.  Companies that use pressure washing method clean the gutters afterward to remove the evidence of all the roofing granules that dislodged during the cleaning.  A roof is fragile and expensive.  We have a proven non-pressure method that is endorsed and suggested by all roof manufactures.  We are not dealing with a stain but rather a living pest.  Our approach to a clean roof is not to clean the roof but rather to solve an infection.  A clean roof is merely a by-product of solving the infection.  We are a Licensed NJ State Home Improvement Contractor.  We are insured with workers compensation for every employee and general liability.

There is no aggressive scrubbing or power washing involved in cleaning a roof.  We strictly follow all roof manufacturers cleaning instructions and use the recommended detergents approved by Timberline™ GAF.  Our detergents are safe, biodegradable and effective.  We are an Angie’s List company with an A+ Grade.  W

Roof cleaning is one of the most dangerous services performed as home or building maintenance.  Protect yourself and verify your cleaning contractor can provide proof of general liability and workers compensation insurance.  Clients rarely ask for workers compensation verification.  Consider the legal costs if a contractor falls from your roof and is permanently injured.  

Professional NJ Roof Cleaning Dispatch

Professional NJ Roof Cleaning Dispatch

Roof Cleaning:  What’s Eating Your Roof?

 Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC is located in Woodbridge NJ.  We have 20 years worth of exterior cleaning experience for central and northern NJ.  We will provide all of our roof cleaning knowledge to help you in your project.  Your roof is most likely the most expensive part of your house.  Find comfort in hiring a professional roof cleaner that specializes in this delicate process. Black stains, algae, moss and lichen can easily be cleaned from your roof without using a pressure washer.  Whether the staining on the roof is dark black algae stains, moss or lichen, it is all treated the same. This is an infection of the shingle. Moss develops a root system into the shingle. If you scrub or pressure wash, you did not solve the problem. We use a proprietary foaming detergent that is approved by all major roof shingle manufacturers.  We can provide a quote over the phone for most cleaning projects.  

Black Stains On A Roof:  Black stains on a roof is an algae called Goeocapsa Magma (click the link for Wikileaks Def.).  This a single celled organism that is actually green when seen under a microscope.  Bunched together it appears black.  This is what is causing the stains on the roof.  It is not nails bleeding onto the shingle and it’s not planes dumping jet fuel.  It’s an infection.  Our safe yet effective detergent will dissolve this stain on contact.

Moss:  Moss is like a weed.  It develops a root system into the shingle.  Moss can be safely removed but it is not a quick process.  We do not try to scrub, scrape or pressure wash the moss from the roof because those 3 methods can damage the shingle.  We apply our detergent will instantly kill the moss at the root.  We leave the dead moss on the roof to dry out, decompose and wash away with rains.  It take on average 90 days of non-freezing weather for the dead moss to wash away on its own.  It never doesn’t come off.  It always does, just not overnight.  We will not use a pressure washer and compromise the shingle to give instant gratification.  If you demand instant gratification and you need the moss washed away instantly, we will gladly pressure wash it if you sign-off and assume all responsibility for potential damage.

Lichen:  Lichen is a fungus and an algae.  If you have these on the roof you will most likely find them on trees in the surrounding area.  If you try to pick one from the bark you will find it very difficult.  Lichen attaches itself very firmly as it does on roof shingles.   The treatment will kill the lichen on contact.  It will take several weeks for the dead lichen to dry out and wash away.  If you try to remove lichen instantly by scrubbing or pressure washing you will most likely remove the roof granules as well and leave a scar on the roof.

Please don’t ever let anyone pressure wash your roof. The pressure of the water can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the shingles leading to premature replacement of your roof, not to mention jeopardizing the warranty on your roof shingle!  And power washing doesn’t even solve the problem.  Black stains, moss, lichen and algae all develop a root system into the shingle.  If you don’t eliminate the problem at the root level than your relief will be temporary.  That is why power washing or plant friendly products do not work.  You need to have a detergent with the proper ph that can dissolve the black staining and kill the moss and lichen.  Black staining on a roof is actually a cyanobacteria called Gleocapsa Magma.  Our approach to cleaning a roofing shingle is comparable to treating a weed in a sidewalk.  A good weed killer goes a long way to permanently eliminate the problem.  We are so confident your roof will remain clean we offer a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty with every full roof treatment.


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Be the Envy of Your Neighbors!  Every Full Roof Treatment is Backed by Our 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty!

That is correct.  Each full roof treatment is covered for 5 years against all organic staining such as mold, algae and moss.  We can apply a safe biodegradable detergent and treat the stain at the root to eliminate the problem completely.  We use small 12 volts pumps that deliver the detergent to the roofing shingle. The pressure is less than what comes from an average garden hose (45 psi).  We try to avoid walking on the roof if possible.  Cedar and slate roofs are never walked on.  Asphalt shingle can be walked if it’s safe.  Check out this roof cleaning article written by Angie Hicks, owner of Angie’s List.  Roof Cleaning Article.


Immediately after treatment any black staining that was on the roof  will have dissolved. Much of it will eventually be washed down the gutter system.  It will have no adverse effect on surrounding landscape.   Moss and lichens do not come off right away.  We are not scrubbing or power washing the roof.  We are applying a treatment that kills moss and lichen.  It will dry out and decompose.  These 2 growths develop a root system into the roofing shingle.  It’s wise not to forcibly remove moss and lichen.  Scrubbing or pressure washing the moss will give you instant results at the expense of releasing a lot of the roofing granules.  Our treatment will kill moss and lichen within 5 minutes of treatment.  It will die, dry out, decompose and wash away little by little with rain.  It will not clog the gutters.  It just doesn’t come down that fast.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA



Soft-Wash | New Technology Exterior Cleaning

This soft-wash process can be used on all surfaces including stucco, vinyl, cedar, and even painted surfaces. Our pumps and machines are all calibrated to deliver high volumes of water at low-pressure.  We have the right cleaning products to counter mold, dirt, grime, bird droppings, egg, black gutter stripes, and more.  Every surface is pretreated to permanently kill mold before any soft washing or rinsing begins.  This process of pretreat fully sterilizes the area and allows it to stay clean 4-6 times longer than traditional high pressure washing.

Is Roof Mold Killing You, AND Your Wallet?

Roofs with moss, algae, mold, lichen, and black stains will retain more moisture and cannot reflect the sunlight. As a result, this creates higher temperatures in your attic increasing cooling costs in the summer. Additionally, these living organisms are literally eating away at your roof. As the stain grows the roof starts to hold even more moisture allowing more algae, moss and other organism to chime in.  We consider these type of problems to be “pest control” issues and we treat them accordingly. Since we do not pressure wash roofs the desired results are not always instant. Moss can develop a root system into the shingle, just like a plant. Some moss may remove easily, but some may be firmly attached. If the moss is pulled off, the roofing granules may always remove with the moss and leave scars on the shingle. After our proprietary disinfecting detergent is applied to the moss it will die off immediately. It will decompose and the root system will release on its own. Then Mother Nature takes over and the moss will come off with each rain. The average time is 60-90 days before all of the moss is removed, depending on temperatures and how much rain is applied.  Roof moss removal in New Jersey is partially responsible for many unnecessary roof replacements.

We specialize in cleaning every type of roof material such as asphalt, slate, cedar, and commercial rubber, vinyl  or EPDM

Slate Roof Cleaning

Slate roofs are never walked.  We treat all slate roofs from the gutter line to prevent any loose tiles from dislodging.  Black staining on a slate roof dissolves instantly and is then washed away at the first rain.  Any solid items like moss or lichens will die immediately during treatment.  It is left to dry out and decompose.  After it gets a chance to fully dry out it will wash away with rains. This usually happens within 90 days of treatment.  It is not impossible for it to take a bit longer.  Especially with heavy lichen.  If after 90 days there is still moss or lichen we will service the remainder free of charge.  This is included in the warranty.  If you’re looking for instant gratification, a non-pressure treatment may not be for you.  Our method is the least aggressive way to clean a slate roof.  The lesser the aggression of the cleaning method, the slower the process.  With a more aggressive cleaning like scrubbing or pressure washing you can achieve more instantaneous results, but be prepared to dig a little deeper for the cost.  Aggressive methods are dangerous and require more intense physical labor.


Cedar Roofs

Cedar roofs are in a class of their own.  A cedar roof is designed to last 40-50 years.  Mold and algae can soften cedar and cause premature decay.  Cleaning a cedar roof really pays in the long run.  Though certain after-market stains and cedar roof sealers look nice, they are not mandatory.  Applying stains and sealers on cedar shingles can actually trap moisture.  Cedar roofs are designed to  breathe freely.  When a cedar shingle start to fester mold, moss, and/or lichen the shingle will start to retain moisture.  This extra moisture retention will allow the mold and moss to grow exponentially faster,  This is the reason why roof growth can explode within a 2 year period.  You may see signs of it at one point then find a full blown epidemic by the next season.  Cedar roofs are very gratifying to clean.  Results are instant and dramatic.  The only drawback is that cedar roofs can not be navigated.  You cannot walk on a cedar roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Never should roof shingles be power washed.  Water pressure can dislodge large amounts of roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof.  Water alone will not kill the organisms that cause roof stains.  The manufacturer suggests chemically cleaning asphalt shingles.  Maybe you’ve noticed those tiny little particles of grit in your gutters. Those are particles that may have washed after a hard rain. So, just imagine what would happen if you let someone pressure wash your roof! We at Thompson Roof Cleaning & Powerwashing follow strict guidelines for all roof cleaning procedures.


Thompson Roof Cleaning Procedure – Manufacturer Approved!

Our treatment of a roof includes the use a foaming anti-microbial roof cleaning detergent which contains both an algaecide and fungicide. Application of the foam uses a pressure not greater than 65 psi. This is the equivalent to the pressure of most garden hoses. We guarantee a 100% kill ratio of roof growths including moss, algae, mold and gleocapsa magma (this is the strand that creates those ugly black stains on asphalt roofing shingles).

When comparing the expense of premature roof replacement along with the increased electricity bills to the cost of treating your roof, you will quickly see instead of it costing you to treat your roof, you’re actually GETTING PAID TO TREAT YOUR ROOF!


We make every effort possible to not step on your roof. Every possible attempt is made to treat and clean all roofs from the gutter line so as not to cause any damage to your roof.

We have one person who works on the ground on every job is there to keep your landscaping and surrounding areas thoroughly watered to ensure all areas within the vicinity are unaffected should any overspray occur. Any runoff from the gutters is bagged.

All of the cleaning products that we use are considered to be quickly biodegradable and harmless after the roof has dried.


We are a fully licensed and insurance company and welcome any requests for proof of coverage for both our liability insurance as well as our workers compensation insurance.

We take our work seriously and each job, big or small, is treated with the same professional service and respect. We will explain our recommendations and what we see as the most effective and affordable solution for the customer. We also send out our Customer Care Rep to examine every job and make sure it has been completed to your satisfaction.

We are proud to include our 5 Year Spot Free Warranty with each roof cleaning job. This warranty is standard and is fully explained on your invoice.

We have been professionally cleaning roofs and powerwashing homes and businesses throughout the state of New Jersey since 1996. Exterior house washing is our business and you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be here year after year should you need us.

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